Fashion close-up, yet challenging conventional perceptions, outflanking limitations to raze sociocritical topics and find new approaches to existing themes.

After a serious accident as a child, the three – year- old had lost the courage to speak and had to struggle as an outsider for years. During this time he found sanctuary by interpreting cloud pictures, their endless variability giving him space to dream. His father gave him a camera for his 12 th birthday so he could preserve the impermanence of these pictures for eternity. From this time on he found the words he lacked by expressing them through pictures. His pictures are characterised by the technical aspect, the expression of control, balancing subject and surroundings to create a harmony that gives his work quietude. This he combines with creativity as a variable process, presenting the variety of objects and making their imperceptible characteristics visible to the eye again. Photography is not his sole medium; he draws on all kinds of media to bring perfection to his work.