Sebastian Kapfhammer is a german Fashion Photographer and Director based in London. He has been working with miscellaneous artists, brands, and fashion designers in the last decade. His work irritates emotionally and expatiate on humanistic and social subjects. Making the unseen visible in inversitile forms of media is his way to speak.              

The requisition to bring the intangible into something material and understandable roots in a life-changing day in his childhood, when he lost the ability to speak. Unconsciously he began to put effort into a different way to execute what he wants to be shown without any words. It was the inception of depicting his inner universe.
He is about to raise issues we all should ask more questions about. In his plants, he embraces topics that focus on a deeper, more centered level of life and hides negligible gizmos around. These terms lead to an idiom that is profound and describes his vein to create as his vein to think.
In his very concise way to work, Sebastian Kapfhammer transforms reality into outstanding, thrilling, emotional, imperfect, and natural but also artificial eternizations.

Duvetica, Bottega Veneta, Msgm, Galvan, Defaience, Dazed, Numero, V magazine, Puss Puss Magazine,